Message from our Chairman

As you probably know by now restrictions are finally starting to be lifted and therefore the running club is starting to explore how this impacts our services to members and what you can be expect of us in the weeks ahead. If you have been understandably holding off your renewal until the situation becomes clearer perhaps now is a good time to think about making that renewal you can do so here

Right now anyone in groups of up to six people are permitted to gather but must observe social distancing. So that means that you can run with friends in groups of six or less staying minimum of 2 meters apart at all times. I’m sure that some of you will have already taken advantage of this.

As a club we clearly have more than six members so if we are to meet in a club capacity this is the maximum number that we can take in one go. We are therefore looking at a solution whereby current members will be able to book a coached slot through our web-site along with 5 other members, we shall have staggered slots to accommodate as many runners as we have coaches available. The idea is that this will be the format of Wednesdays club night until things return to normal. Establishing exactly how this could work is in hand but it will not be super-quick. We will issue more guidance as this solution becomes better defined and in conjunction with our coaching team, following EA’s guidance and once a risk assesment has taken place.

Meanwhile as you know the WSA remains closed but will continue to be the hub for any club related activity – outside for now of course.

As for our 10k we remain, subject as yet to undefined restrictions, hopeful that we will hold an event on Sept 6. There’s bound to be some impact but until we are informed by the government, local authority and or EA we have nothing that we can add. We are trying to manage the clubs expenditure on the 10k as well as we can to keep our options open.

Finally I’m very conscious that everyone will have their own views on the relaxation of lockdown and as a club we are very respectful of that. I personally think that following England Athletic is the way to go (endorsed by your committee) this needs to be done respectfully and most of all safely. So don’t expect us to be trailblazers here and as ever anything we do may be overtaken by events. What we can promise is considered communications to you when we have something to report.

Stay safe, enjoy your running (if you are able) and we look forward to seeing you soon.