First Race Experience – Louise Wright


So Sean’s been on at me to share my FIRST RACE experience with you guys. For those who fancy a read here goes!

Holy guacamole 🥑 what an experience.

It’s been touch and go in the last week as to whether a couple of us would make it to the start line and this morning we woke up to the dreaded news that poor Daz was out of the race, thanks to a dose of Sean’s lurgy! Okay so it’s not actually his necessarily, but he’s so easy to wind up so how can you not! Think it’s headed my way now too – Thanks Sean.

I went for a little trot yesterday morning to test the shins – it wasn’t great but it wasn’t totally awful. My first race was supposed to be the Percy pud 10k in December but the shins wouldn’t allow so this time I thought, if I can run I’m going no matter what! So glad, it look a couple of miles but soon that horrible burn disappeared, the shoulders started to relax, eyes front – yes! I’m gunna do this!

Meanwhile sean was nowhere to be seen as he was waay ahead of little me battling the wind that Simon and I were yet to face. It was sneaky, parts of the route were lined with trees and quite sheltered but other bits were totally exposed and I was surprised I wasn’t swept up! The battle was on. However, the atmosphere and camaraderie made up for it! What a lovely vibe, the Marshall’s new just what to say, the other runners threw some friendly chat out there. The route is nice, fairly straight and mostly flat with some nice country views. It’s hard to soak it all in. Just over half way there and there’s no sign of Simon or Sean.

My mind starts to wander a bit, has Sean finished already? Will I manage to maintain this pace? Is Simon ahead of me? We were on for a similar time so I’d hoped to see him and use his experience to pace myself – fortunately Garmin did a good job as did the lady with the tappy tappy feet to my side! How hard is it to shake someone else’s rhythm off and focus on your own race? Very I found.

10 miles – that’s it! This is the furthest I’ve ever run, now I need to slap a park run on top. But what’s 3 miles when you’ve done 10? It turns out it’s a lot! I’m convinced the wind had gone up a notch and it’s definitely not the tail wind I was promised. Then there’s the hill? It’s no Windmill Hill but it’s at the end of a chuffing long run, cheeky. I didn’t know it was there. But by that point I was like – get me home to my boys, so it was surprisingly painless. Thank you adrenaline. 1.2 miles to go and miss tappy tappy is sharing her route experience which was very welcome as my garmin apparently doesn’t tell me how far I’ve run while it’s in action and I felt like I’d not seen a marker in forever. 800m arrgghhh exciting! 400m I’m just thinking about our Monday night club efforts now… yes I can do 400m, then I hear my eldest, go on Mummy, there’s Karly! And Sean well he’s so excited to see me that he’s screaming his head off, sprint Lou sprint, there’s Dad and my baby boy – look at the clock I’ve only gone and bloody come in under my goal time! 🤘 1.53.24 although official timing has been kind enough to throw me an extra second!

I’m stretching it out and there he is – Simon’s coming in! 1.54.24 Brilliant just what he was after (he got a bonus second too) Sean got a massive and well deserved pb 1.32.24 and a whopping 23 minutes quicker than last year. We all performed well and can be genuinely proud of ourselves. Everyone that entered is amazing!

What’s next? Book it while the buzz is buzzing!