By Lauren Eadon

Well today was an experience for me which meant putting on a very big pair of brave pants, after being cajouled by a friend into entering a masters indoor race. Having never run indoors before (or an outdoor track since a teenager) I opted to run the 1500m. I was to be the second event of the day so made sure I was warmed up and ready for call up 20 mins before, to then be told we were running a little late!! Turned out eventually to be 75 minutes late, warm up ruined and start again. Finally got onto the start line and finished (1st in age group) in 5.50.3 mins. Pleased with the result as a 1st attempt, but taken by surprise at the heat and dryness of the air during the race. Will definitely have another attempt at track running at some point, but for now will hopefully be at Peco tomorrow.