Training Sessions

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all training sessions are cancelled until further notice

Day Meet Time Duration
Monday 6:00 pm 1 hour
Wednesday 7:00 pm 1 – 1.5 hours

Wednesday – 7:00pm

Normal club training night at Wetherby Sports Association (WSA). A range of varied activities including fartlek, pyramid, hill or speed sessions designed to improve different aspects of running fitness. A typical evening might include the following sessions:

Coached Session Description
Group A Y 200m / 400m reps
Group B Y Hill reps / fartlek
Group C N 7.5min/mile steady run
Group D N 8.5min/mile steady run
Group E N 10min/mile steady run
Group F N 11.5min/mile steady run

Monday – 6:00pm

One hour session focussing on strength and conditioning, core work, general flexibility and mobility which will reduce the likelihood of injury and improve running efficiency. £4 per session and suitable for all athletes. At Wetherby Sports Association (WSA).