Thursday 27th August was the abandoned UTMB OCC race day so I set off for a recce. The weather was really good in the mid 20’s with a nice breeze contrasting with my race last year from Chamonix on the hottest day ever recorded in France.
The OCC sets off from Orsieres in Switzerland at 8:15am and covers 56.3km to Chamonix in France with 3460m of ascent and 3337m of descent.
These days I cannot go too fast or hard but it was encouraging to still be able to get round in 13hrs 43minutes. I kept ahead of all the cut off check point times throughout the route and had 47 minutes to spare at the end. My race entry for this year is carried over to 2021 so who knows I might still compete for real and hopefully not have to mask up to “run” through each of the towns along the route. I don’t recommend pushing hard wearing a mask let alone when you are exhausted🙈
Hope everyone is enjoying their running. Heading back tomorrow to hunker down for a 14 day quarantine locked up at home.