The Virtual Edition – it’s all about the Charities!

This time it’s all about the Charities and ensuring maximum proceeds go to Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Wetherby Foodbank. The deal – £5 Entry – record your 10k result Time & submit – get it validated – you could now be in for spot prize (a pair of Brooks Trainers courtesy Up & Running) – download Certificate of Completion – Celebrate.

Don’t miss the opportunity to run Wetherby 10k in 2020 and raise money for our charities.

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This year, especially when charities are struggling for funds it’s doubly important that we bring them our support and so our race is backing a Virtual Wetherby 10k where 100% of the proceeds will go to Wetherby Foodbank and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
We are going one step further with this virtual race too! Instead of using ours and the world’s resource on bling and postage of paper and card we are organising a ‘stripped back’ race so everything possible can go to charity. Much like the recent vogue was for opting for a ‘no t-shirt or goody bag’ option and being asked to use your own cups at drinks stations – in an effort to reduce the use of the world resources we are asking you to download your own finishers certificate and e-mail us your race finish time to produce the ‘Wetherby Virtual 10k’ results. That way we are able to put all the proceeds (other than the on-line entry providers charges) straight to the worthy causes.
To complete ‘Wetherby 10k, the Virtual Edition’ will not only be a great challenge, all those who submit their results and have it validated will be in with an equal chance, along with our other runners to grab a spot prize. The two main ones are given by ‘Up & Running’ and is a voucher to redeem one of two pairs of Brand new Brooks Trainers.
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